Lambo BBQ on Malaysian highway

Posted by Top Gear Australia at 3:58 pm on Monday December 9, 2013

LamborghiniYou know that moment when a trio of Lamborghinis is cruising down the highway, and everyone starts scrabbling for their camera phone? Here’s what happens when that goes badly.
The story: a Lamborghini Aventador, Gallardo and Gallardo Superleggera were involved in a charity drive in Malaysia when another car suddenly swerved toward them, causing a $2million, three-car crunch that, to make matters slightly worse, promptly burst into flames…

Singapore sticker prices (where the cars are registered) put the value of this highway BBQ at close to $2 million. And what’s worse, the last of the Gallardos has now rolled off Lambo’s production lines, so these are irreplaceable….

Everyone was unharmed. The cars, however, were destroyed…


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  2. yo muther said...
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    hello looking good there
    nice way to burn your money other than buying fireworks

  3. spandau tango said...
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    buying one in the first place is like flushing money down the dunny, just as exciting also.