Video: Road rage. Russia style.

Posted by Dylan Campbell at 7:55 pm on Thursday January 31, 2013

Russian road rageHow do you deal with road rage? Shake your head and casually drive off? Or shake your fist and throw at your opponent whatever’s lying in the back seat – old Happy Meals, steering wheel locks, or the dog?

In Russia, the method of dealing with road rage is rather interesting, indeed.

We already knew the Russians enjoyed crashing in front of video cameras. For example…

The Russian truck driver who crashes, is thrown through the windscreen, and lands on his feet… unhurt

The Russian motorist whose Ford Focus gets snagged on a tram cable and is flung skyward like a trapeze circus act

The Russian truck driver whose rig decided to flip onto its side going around a corner… gnarly

…but what we didn’t know was the Russian way of dealing with road rage incidents.

It’s a funny sort of revenge, we suppose. Watch for yourself:

Readers, have you witnessed – or been a victim of – anything like this? Got any good road rage stories for us? Tell us below – you don’t need an account to comment.